In Pursuit of Dandelions. A Novel
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In Pursuit of Dandelions. A Novel

Autor:     Tiberiu Popovici

Editie 2018
1 volume
150 pagini
Editura: ePublishers
ISBN: 978-606-716-771-9
If, when you open your eyes in the morning, you wonder why you’ve open­ed them, it means you're not the only one. The never-ending Unknown that comes before you for the day to come is the same curiosity for all. The same thing that makes you stare at the ceiling for long minutes, the same that helps you open the door of the house and abandon yourself to your fate, like a fluffy dandelion parachute drifting in the wind. Tiberiu Popovici introduces himself My name is Tiberiu Gabriel Popovici. I was born in the town of Făget, Timiş county, on the 6th of March 1984. I grew up and spent my childhood in Gladna Montană, a mountain village. I graduated from Aurel Vlaicu College in Lugoj and Timişoara Polytechnic Institute, section Automation and Computers. Therefore, today I am a computer programmer. At 14, I wrote my first poem, called “Autumn,” and it was followed by poems on all the other seasons. Poetry brought me emotional satisfaction, although I didn’t publish any of my poems; I managed to write over 100 poems by the age of 20. At 22, I settled in the city of Timişoara, once I finished my university studies and I became a corporatist, starting my IT career. At 25, I started to write prose. My first writing is “El Hemer.” It is 137 pages long, a first fantasy exposed after years of collecting ideas. Never published, it is still in my heart as something I wanted to write my whole youth up to then. The following year I finished a new book, “The White Rose,” 110 pages long, that I recommend to every woman, married or not, because I am sure they will love it. After two finished books, I started to write “The Artist” (ePublishers, Bucharest, 2014), which contains questions that humans ask since the moment of their birth. But the novel, through the curiosity of its main character, “an artist,” transforms existence, crowning youth with the knowledge star, which becomes a guiding star. A restless traveler, the artist, in the company of his lover, Dido, conquers the unknown in a mystic era. If the novel “The Artist” raises more questions than brings answers, it’s because in this progressive era we still don’t know how to ask the right questions. The few answers we get are the proof of how deficiently we make up our questions. My fourth book is “Synapses Interview.” It is a book I don’t want to tell you anything about because I would like you to read it and judge for yourselves. My fifth book, “Running after Dandelions,” has recently been published in both Romanian and English editions. / Tiberiu Popovici /

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