Broken Asunder. Poems
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Broken Asunder. Poems

Autor:     Adriana Claudia Ciobotu

Editie 2021
1 volume
58 pagini
Editura: ePublishers
ISBN: 978-606-049-433-1
Adriana Claudia Ciobotu is a poet whose lines carry a wordy town into flowery flurries of memory and eroticism, both ingenuous and insidious. Her sound skinning sonnets know how to allure and kill softly, while her irregular-iambic-pentameter or vers libre riffs shake and caress with mixed mercilessness and affection. I am happy to greet her shrewd and artful voice of which I am sure we are going to hear a lot more not after long. /Chris Tănăsescu/ ***** With a BA and an MA from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Bucharest, Adriana Claudia Ciobotu has been teaching English at Shakespeare School for the past 10 years. Passionate about English since she was 8, she has found fulfillment in wholeheartedly teaching others and helping them grow. Writing poems came natural to her during her college years when she discovered her creativity was yearning to be set free. She started writing about her unhappy past experiences as a means of coping but has always felt self-conscious about her poems. It is why you hear two voices in her writings; the voice of reason, of the others and her own voice who is struggling to be heard. It is this very conflict that renders her style natural and relatable. She has published several poems in literary magazines as well as an article in Junimea, “In Defense of Lolita.” She also writes poems in Romanian, as well as children’s books and is currently working on a novel in Romanian.

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