Silent Flight. An autobiographical novel
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Silent Flight. An autobiographical novel

Autor:     Adriana Crăciun - translator , Mihail Tănase

Editie 2023
1 volume
178 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-966-3
Discover Mihail Tanase's inspiring journey and unique perspective on life with a disability in this book. // In the Author's Words: // BEGINNING // I had barely opened my eyes to the world. I had just begun to distinguish the colors, the seasons, to understand the meaning of life on earth. No, no … It was too early for philosophy, to be able to understand everything. What I knew and felt at that age was the fact that I was a different child: sicker, shier, hidden in the shell of silence and because of this, often ignored by the other children … Beyond my window there was another world irrelevant to my dusty thoughts. The sound of the clear days was silenced by my mother’s tears who did not know which hospital or doctor to take me to in order to get me better. I did not suspect at the age of six that my destiny and paths were closed and sealed in metal boxes. A vase with dried flowers on an old embroidery reminds me as if it were today of a sad autumn in which I stepped into another universe, from the universe of childhood to that of adulthood. The time that passed was like a cold shower that slowly splashed over my days. I don’t know what my family should have done to find the best ways to get me well, but I know they tried and suffered a lot … Communism was perhaps the most important obstacle in their trying to treat me in another country where it was supposed that I would still have a small chance. But that chance was out there somewhere abroad where we couldn’t reach at the time. The walls were closing in around me making me a prisoner of my own life. Outside, the world was bustling with life, I could hear children calling me to play when the light timidly pervaded the room through the frosted window … The fear that had nestled in my soul would materialize a little later in a cruel reality, and I had to bow my forehead humbly in front of it. Please read the book to find out what it was and more … / Mihail Tănase /

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