Layers upon Layers. Short stories
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Layers upon Layers. Short stories

Autor:     Smaranda Kafka

Editie 2023
1 volume
225 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-953-3
Smaranda Kafka was born and educated in Romania, postgrad France and Australia. Her short stories have been published in Australia, Romania, Canada and the United States of America. She has published three titles: two books written in Romanian: ‘ABC-ul unei vieți’ (‘The ABC of One’s Lifetime’; a novel in two volumes) and the book of short stories ‘Alb și Negru, la voia destinului’ (‘White and Black, at Destiny’s Beck and Call’); and one volumen of short stories written in English: ‘Layers upon Layers.’ All three titles have beeen published by Coresi Publishing House SRL, Bucharest, Romania and can be found via this link:

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