On Haiku. An Essay, 72 haiku, and 1 haibun
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On Haiku. An Essay, 72 haiku, and 1 haibun

Autor:     Radu Șerban

Editie 2023
99 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-887-1
As a former Romanian ambassador to Japan, it is not surprising that Radu Șerban has cultivated a deep appreciation and love of the Japanese esthetics and literature, particularly the delicate genre of haiku. In his latest publication “On Haiku” Radu Șerban offers a very detailed yet easy to comprehend introduc­tion to haiku for the less experienced readers and connects his personal understanding and experiences from his life in Japan with his sincere admiration and respect for the great haijin Kobayashi Issa. The readers have the opportunity not only to follow Șerban on his rich emotional journey around Japan but also to follow in Issa’s footsteps and enjoy the simple and wonderful world of haiku poetry. / Iliyana Stoyanova, Communications Officer, British Haiku Society /

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