Elegy of the Seasons in the City without Domes. Poems
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Elegy of the Seasons in the City without Domes. Poems

Autor:     Claudia Manta

Editie 2021
1 volume
75 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-623-5
Melancholy pervades all in this wonderful poetry selection written in a crystalline lyrical voice with a taste for urban beauty. Toronto, Canada is the city of the poet’s love and admiration. Nature, in all its four seasons’ splendor, is perceived through the panoramic vision of buildings, crowds, and vehicles as a life giver and as an echo of the poet’s sweet sadness or deeply moving longing and meditation. //*// Claudia Manta // Born in Bucharest in 1969, Claudia Manta obtained her Law degree and, after practicing law in the Bucharest Bar, she immigrated to Canada in 1996. After a period of adaptation in the adopted country, Claudia had the chance to work with a prominent lawyer—Gerald Sternberg—in a bohemian memorial house and historical monument on Charles Street, in Downtown Toronto. The years spent in the law office, the beauty and uniqueness of the city were the source of inspiration for many of her poems. The mother of two extraordinary boys, she dedicated her life to her family and her husband who she followed to Canada, although her soul has always remained lyrical and Romanian. Romanian literature and her longing for her native country have never left her.

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