Stilnox. A Two-Act Drama Play
27 Lei

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Stilnox. A Two-Act Drama Play

Autor:     Wilma

Editie 2020
1 volume
166 pagini
Editura: ePublishers
ISBN: 978-606-049-139-2
From the opening until the closing of the front curtain, the play is a roller coaster of hopes and feelings of all kind, on whose slope launch in a dangerous game both the legal concept of legally measured through truth or illegally measured through lies and honesty, dishonesty, tangled in the wish to fight or capitulate. The characters have an emotional ride to the “peak of the mountain”, ride followed by an unnatural descend, with bumps and speed, having no possibility of stopping with precision. In fact, in this up and down commotion, the captive characters know that if they would really eject, this could more likely suppress their own existence. Even so, everything that happens to them in the dramatic moment, establishes their lives, compelling them to be or become powerful, agile beasts. In and for this train of ideas, was the text of replies and blocking made, this double division enhanced by framing, by the landscape that comes as an informational detail on the semantic and pragmatic assumptions. The quantity, quality, relevance and the manner of discourse allow the spectator to receive as a gift his share of delight and awareness, together with free will.

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