From Lonely to Single. A Novel
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From Lonely to Single. A Novel

Autor:     Gabriela Bârsan

Editie 2019
1 volume
552 pagini
ISBN: 978-606-996-304-3
When the reader opens the book, the first impression may be: Oh, my God, that’s a lot of reading here! But as soon as he/she enters the universe of the main character, Valerie, he/she forgets about the number of pages and becomes solidary with her. The vast majority of people have simple, monotonous lives, they are born, go to school, then to work, get married, have children, die. Without too many incidents. It's not Valerie's case. This woman's life story is amazing, making you ask yourself, WHY? Why do some people have a life full of unpleasant surprises, of misfortune we could say, all the way? Is it only given to chosen people to live hard lives? Their life is similar to the characters’ in the fairy tales that go through many difficult moments, extreme moments sometimes, to finally get their well-deserved reward, and the conclusion good overcomes evil is justified. Really? In the book, the KARMA idea is repeatedly mentioned: what goes around, comes around. And yet there is a mystery... Why are we born in our families? Does the unborn child choose his parents and the way of life according to the mission his soul has in the world? The more we choose a harder way, the brighter our soul will be at a time when the final countdown is taking place? Really? Let's hope so! It sounds optimistic. This book seems to be especially addressed to women, but that’s not right! Anyone can learn something from Valerie's story. As a conclusion, I could say that the message of the book is: a winner is a dreamer who never gives up no matter how bitter brew gets in life’s cup!

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